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Night Ladder
by Angela Gardner with prints by Lisa Pullen

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open book

Limited to 10 signed and numbered deluxe books

+15 signed and numbered books

32 pp + foldout (deluxe)

Cover lino print and black leather

Magnani Velata Avorio 140gsm paper

isbn:   978-0-9804863-2-2

email:   LightTrapPress<at>


Five dark poems from Perrault : Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Clattermouth and Bluebeard with an additional poem The Night Ladder. Linocuts by Silkcut finalist Lisa Pullen and letter-press text by Angela Gardner.  Magnani paper. Closed 418 x297mm. 32pp + foldout. Binding by Fred Pohlmann of F & R Master Bookbinders Pty Ltd.
Deluxe and Regular Editions.


sleeping beauty

They invited the media (denied of course)
Everyone came - conspicuous gifts conspicuous perfection
An old woman beside this stretched beauty delivers a parting gift

Fifteen years of insatiable wants
Nothing that money or fame cannot buy

And at fifteen court appearances, rehab, private clinics
her parents busy with holidays and careers
Time the skin of an hour. Doctors reassuring them

She will be saved
When she wakes she will not be alone

the little bitch, small as a handbag, the drug suppliers,
product placers, personal trainers Her on life support
Parents: no comment

To wait some time to have a Rich Husband may be reasonable
but to wait a hundred years while sleeping is a little strange

(really more than a little strange)


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