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twelve labours
by Angela Gardner with etchings by Gwenn Tasker

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open book

Limited to 10 signed and numbered deluxe books

+15 signed and numbered books

56 pp

Cover cloth, leather and embossed copper (deluxe)

Set in Syntax and Woodtype on BFK Rives 270gsm paper

isbn:   978-0-9804863-1-5

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Twelve twisted tasks of Herakles told in award- winning poetry. Etchings by Gwenn Tasker and letter-press text printed by poet/printmaker Angela Gardner on BFK Rives paper. Closed 500 x350mm.  56pp. Binding by Fred Pohlmann of F & R Master Bookbinders Pty Ltd.
Deluxe and Regular Editions.


the blades of the electric fan
garlanded with flowers

humming like bees
head singing from the first blow

I’ll shoulder the burden of the earth I say
and you can take a holiday see the sights

deliver the apples. Coupla months he reckons
to be away. No worries I say just hold right here

a moment while I get comfy
Tricked he was poor fellow  

And me with the apples
thoroughly undeserving really

My ticket to Paradise


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